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Cure Your Own Olives at Home

November 1, 2021

If you ever pluck an olive right off the tree, you’ll realize that it doesn’t taste anything like the kind you find on your dinner plate. That’s because the olives that you use in meals are essentially pickled to get that wonderful flavor. Olives contain oleuropein – a bitter tasting compound – which must be removed prior to eating it. To get an edible and delicious olive, you have to cure it. Luckily, curing olives at home is an easy process that will leave you with some great and healthy results. 

Some of the most common olive curing methods include dry salt curing, brine cured, oil cured, and even water cured. 

Choosing Your Cure Method

The easiest way is to start with green olives. These are olives picked young before they mature into purple and black olives. Soak them in water for about a week with water changes daily. This will remove the bitter flavor and allow the fruit to release its signature nutty flavor. Then the olives can be soaked in a pickling brine with 1 part salt to 10 parts water. The longer the olives sit in the brine, the better they will taste. Change the brine after a week and be sure to shake the jar often to mix up the ingredients. 

Now that you have your very own cured olives, you can eat them straight, stuff them, or use them in a variety of recipes. You won’t be sorry!

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