Fused vs Infused Olive Oil: What’s the Difference?

April 1, 2022

Olive oil has been a staple in cuisine for thousands of years. In time, olive oil has evolved from it’s basic form into categories like extra virgin, cold-pressed, refined, and fused. Olive oils even come in flavored varieties using citrus or herb. 

You may have noticed that some of these flavored oils are called fused and infused. You may be wondering what’s the difference between fused vs. infused olive oil. The difference between these two types is simply how they are processed to add flavor. 

Fused Olive Oils

Fused olive oils give you a combination of flavors in the truest sense. These oils are created by crushing (or cold-pressing) ripened olives along with their flavor counterpart at the same time. The oils combine during the mixing process which is what fuses them together. 

Fusion is a time-sensitive and time-consuming process. This is because it requires some planning to make sure the timing fits together. Crushing must happen quickly after harvest, so it’s important to make sure that the olives and whatever elements it is being fused with are ripened and harvested at the same time. Usually, the process and formulation can take many seasons to perfect the flavor harmony. 

Because fused olive oils produce such a rich and intense flavor, they make the best finishing oils. Drizzle them on food or use them in dressings and dips.  Also, great for marinades, baking, or cooking. 

Infused Olive Oils

An infusion requires some sort of solvent, such as alcohol, water, or oil. Infused olive oil happens after the initial pressing occurs. Extra virgin olive oil will be mixed with essential oils or botanical extracts after it has been pressed. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oils that have been infused with 100% botanical oils give the oil a bright, consistent, and perfectly balanced flavor you can count on. This makes them great oils for marinades, baking, or cooking. 

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