What If I don’t Like Olive Oil?

July 1, 2022

So you know that olive oil is good for your health, but you just don’t like the taste. I encourage you to try certified fresh olive oil before you make a final determination.  Why?

Let me start with my experience.  Growing up and in my early adult years, I did not like olive oil either.  Now that I know a few things, it turns out that the olive oils we were using were always rancid and low quality.  When olive oil is rancid, it has an indescribable taste, but it’s one that does not sit well with our tastebuds. Funny thing is that the rancidness will only get worse. Olive oil is meant to be consumed fresh, and often times, the oil you buy in a grocery store is already rancid.

A couple of months ago I was doing a taste test for a small group so they could taste the difference between store bought extra virgin olive oil and the products I carry (fresh extra virgin olive oil).  What I was not expecting was opening the grocery store bottle and realizing it was already rancid.  I just bought it that morning at the grocery store!  While it was not the point I was trying to make that day, it did make a point.

I also never really understood how good olive oil really is for you. I personally don’t know of any oil that is healthier for you.  It is loaded with antioxidants (phenols), Vitamin E, and squalene just to name a few. Remember that the fresher it is, the better. It is also 75% monounsaturated (good fat). Most of us are thoughtful of the food we eat. We buy organic, try to make healthier choices, read labels, etc., but are still using oils or fats that have little to no nutritional value. Most times we are using them on a daily basis.

Another thing to keep in mind us that while there are standards for extra virgin olive oil, there is no regulation. It is estimated that around 50% (if not more) of the extra virgin olive oils sold in the US is mislabeled. A 2010 UC Davis / Australian Oils Research Laboratory survey of supermarket extra virgin olive oils found that “the top-selling imported brands of ‘extra virgin’ olive oil sold in the United States and purchased at retail locations throughout California often failed the IOC’s sensory standards for extra virgin olive oil.”  You can read the UC Davis report here.

At Epicurean Olive Oils we are committed to providing our customers with only the finest, freshest products available.  For this reason, our Ultra Premium extra virgin olive oils are imported from both hemispheres which produce counter to one another. This allows us to offer some of the freshest oil available in the state.

 If you are only buying California oils for example, remember that there is only one harvest a year (typically in November) so that bottle you are buying in October is already almost a year old.     

One great thing about Epicurean Olive Oils is that if come in to our store, you can ‘try before you buy’. We offer free tastings every day! So stop in and decide (again) whether or not you like olive oil. Pretty sure we can change your mind!

Epicurean Olive Oils in Camarillo, CA carries a variety of ultra-premium olive oils and traditionally barrel aged balsamic vinegars. From ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil, to fused and infused flavors from all around the world, you can add a delicious and healthy alternative to your everyday diet. To learn more about the health benefits of olive oil, food pairings, and recipes, visit our website. 

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